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Most eye operations are performed under the operating microscope and therefore require special stability and freedom of movement. At the same time, the surgeon as well as the assistants must be able to maintain an ergonomic sitting posture at all times.

Our following set recommendations with products from UFSK-OSYS have been perfectly matched and developed for your work in ophthalmology. The excellent driving characteristics and mobility of the medical products make them ideal for use in outpatient ophthalmic surgery. Operating in rotation (Mobile Table Rotation) saves valuable time with the use of multiple tables and allows for increased efficiency in your operation.

Our sets for ophthalmology can be used immediately without additional accessories, offer the highest quality and meet a wide range of requirements:

OP-Set premiumLine für die Ophthalmochirurgie

Highest quality

Our premiumLine for ophthalmologists

Equip your ophthalmic operating room with our high-end set at a special price. It includes the eyeForce treatment chair, the surgiForce light surgeon’s chair with dynamic seat, and the assistTrend assistant’s chair. The set is rounded off with practical accessories for an even more effective surgical procedure:

Electric thrust aid e-drive

for effortless covering of longer distances,
Item No.: 3316 0000

Padded arm board

with universal joint, incl. mounting clamp
Item No.: 3011 0000

Side rails

(left and right) swiveling incl. locking, upholstered
Item No.: 3102 0000

Flexible surgical drape

support rod (mounting clamp 3090 0000 not included)
Item No.: 3032 0000

Hand control holder

for operating keyboard and mounting clamps,
Item No.: 3018 0009

Head part bumper

stainless steel, for the headboard,
Item No.: 3028 0000

Instrument table supportLine

height adjustable 73-98,5 cm,
Item No.: 3351 0026

Seat adjustment mechanism

for optimum access to the operating field, factory-fitted
Item No.: 3351 1013

OP-Set UFSK-OSYS performanceLine für die Ophthalmochirurgie

Inexpensive and reliable

Our performanceLine for opthalmologists

Discover our ophthalmic surgery set with optimum price-performance ratio, consisting of the 500 XLE treatment chair, the surgiLine surgeon’s chair with molded seat and the assistPro F assistant’s chair. The associated set accessories are perfectly matched:

Padded arm board

with universal joint, with wrist secure straps
Item No.: 3351 0011

Side parts

(right+left) swiveling incl. locking, 580 x 200 mm
Item No.: 3351 0012

Flexible surgical drape

support rod with air connection
Item No.: 3206 0000

Hand control holder

Item No.: 3351 1023

Head part bumper

stainless steel, for the headboard,
Item No.: 3028 0000

Instrument table supportLine

height adjustable 73-98,5 cm,
Item No.: 3351 0026

Footswitch plate adapter

for the surgeon’s chair,
Item No.: 3351 0014

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