surgiForce light

Operating chair

The premium design of the surgiForce with unique gas spring technology

UFSK-OSYS Operateurstuhl surgiForce light premiumLine

The surgeon’s chair with exceptional technology at the highest level

In order for you as a surgeon to be able to work for many hours at a stretch in a highly concentrated and precise manner, your workstation must allow easy access to the treatment field and, at the same time, an ergonomic sitting posture. The surgiForce light protects you from the physical stresses of everyday surgery and, as a premium design of the surgiForce, offers you high-quality technology and materials, coupled with particularly simple and intuitive controls.


Technische Zeichnung UFSK-OSYS Operateurstuhl surgiForce light premiumLine


Back-friendly work for the surgeon

The surgiForce light operating chair was awarded as “Preventive Technology” equipment and enables particularly comfortable and gentle working even during long surgical procedures and high patient throughput:

  • User-friendly foot pedal in timeless design with non-slip polyamide touch surfaces for easy seat height adjustment, with easy-to-reach brake levers on the sides of the chassis for central braking / free maneuvering
  • Molded polyurethane foam gives the arm rests a pleasant feel, guarantees a secure hold and can be easily cleaned with disinfectant

User-friendly foot keyboard

in a timeless design

Molded polyurethane foam

gives the armrests a pleasant feel


surgiForce light

Footswitch plate adapter


pair with linear guide and one-hand release, factory-fitted, upcharge not discountable

Seat adjustment mechanism

for optimum access to the operating field, factory-fitted, upcharge not discountable

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