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Technical refinements for health-friendly working conditions in the operating room

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Ergonomisches Schieben und Manövrieren

Safety and well-being

Your path to reduced sick leave and improved productivity

For OR staff, the safety and well-being of patients always comes first. In this context, their own physical strain in their daily work, which is usually characterized by long or particularly many operations per day, is often pushed into the background.  However, a back-friendly way of working is particularly important for all employees in the operating room in order to increase physical well-being, the ability to concentrate and productivity.

Working in a stooped posture every day, static holding and precise use of medical instruments as well as pushing patient chairs can put extreme strain on the spine and subsequently even lead to chronic back and neck pain as well as intervertebral disc problems. UFSK-International OSYS offers the solution: preventive technologies. Invest with foresight in the preventive health care of your employees and patients.


Reduced sick leave and improved productivity

Preventive Technology

Health care is a top priority at UFSK-International OSYS: our treatment chairs/tables as well as our surgeon and assistant chairs have been developed (based on empirical studies) specifically for the health concerns of ophthalmic and microsurgery. In the design and construction process, special attention was paid to the stresses caused by poor posture in everyday work. Prevent back and neck pain, intervertebral disc problems or fatigue symptoms.


e-drive system
Steering Guide
– ergonomic push handles
– high-precision armrest systems with spring-loaded guidance for individual positioning
– adequate seat tilt
– lumbar support
– lightweight chassis

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