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For maximum mobility and ergonomics
in the operating room

Optimize processes and reduce pressure

Reduced sick leave and
improved productivity

The high number of daily operations in ophthalmic surgery and microsurgery can lead to numerous physical strains for your surgical team. To counteract precisely this problem, UFSK-International OSYS has developed operating room equipment such as mobile treatment chairs, surgeon’s and assistant’s chairs which, thanks to well thought-out ergonomic features, enable all staff in the operating room to work in a back-friendly and fatigue-free manner.

Intelligent solutions for optimum ergonomics

Discover the innovative details within the design and functionality of our products: Both our medical treatment chairs / tables and our surgeon’s and assistant’s were developed specifically for ophthalmic surgery and microsurgery – based on empirical studies.


In the design and construction process, special attention was paid to the stresses caused by poor posture in everyday work.

Electronic push aid e-drive

With the e-drive system, you can cover longer distances effortlessly and quickly. The new optional auxiliary drive consists of a fifth wheel with drive motor and serves to assist pushing both forwards and backwards. This noticeably reduces the physical work of the person pushing.

It is operated on the respective push handles by means of a potentiometer for stepless, precise speed adjustment.

Positioning aid Surface extension system

With conventional treatment chairs, additional repositioning is usually necessary when the patient moves to the lying or entry position. The so-called “SES” ensures automatic repositioning of the patient by extension and flexion of the back and leg segments. Moving the leg segment back to the entry position also results in a 50 mm lower entry height.

Electronically controlled braking system with “Steering Guide” directional guidance

In addition to the wheel positioning functions “free travel” and “braked”, the electronically controlled braking system also features dual directional guidance. This practical additional function facilitates controlled maneuvering of the medical treatment chair by just one person and can be operated from both sides of the treatment chair via the push handles or optionally via hand control.

Ergonomic push handles at the top end

Maximum ergonomics and mobility are combined in the head-mounted push handles. The sturdy handles are located at the optimum push height and enable intuitive operation of the electric push aid, thanks to a rocker switch and potentiometer.

In addition, the two handles can be folded down to give the surgeon even more legroom.

Fold-out foot control

The fold-out foot control with two 4-way joysticks and activation switch enables the operator to adjust the lying surface precisely and effortlessly. Actuating the foot control activates the electronic control and battery operation of the unit.


Precision lightweight chassis
in cast aluminum technology

High-tech arm rests with one-hand release

Three-dimensional freedom of movement: A high-precision, maintenance-free ball joint enables “all-around” movements of the arm rests around all axes and thus an independent mode of operation for the surgeon.

Multifunctional unit

  • Sterile operation by foot
  • Seat and armrest height can be electrically adjusted independently of each other
  • Acoustic and visual signal informs about activation

Innovative seating systems

  • Two seat systems to choose from: Comfort or Formed seat
  • Sliding carriage under the seat for optimal positioning relative to the surgical field
  • Supporting a correct, back-friendly sitting posture
  • For a healthy lumbar spine

Adjusting the seat alignment

The surgeon’s sitting position can be optimally adjusted to the surgical treatment area using the sliding carriage under the seat.

Sterile adjustment of the sliding carriage via an additional foot release is also possible as an option.

Wireless operation

The integrated rechargeable battery unit allows the surgeon maximum freedom of movement in the operating room. The splash-proof charging socket can be connected to the power supply with a flick of the wrist when the battery charge is low.

Medical technology
at the highest level

Chassis in cast aluminum technology
for highest stability and mobility

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