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Bundle recommendation for invasive procedures in otorhinolaryngology

Sturdy and ergonomic

Specialized surgical equipment for ENT surgery

In the field of otorhinolaryngology, special surgeries may be needed when diseases cannot be adequately controlled with conservative treatments, and especially when they become chronic or spread to nearby tissues. The most common procedures in ENT surgery include the treatment of injuries and fractures or the removal of foreign bodies and tumors.

Our surgical bundle from UFSK-International OSYS, which have been put together for ENT surgery, is specially designed for performing invasive procedures in the head and neck region – regardless of whether these are minimally invasive procedures in the outpatient clinic or inpatient operations. The special ergonomics and robustness as well as the practice-oriented functionalities of the treatment, surgeon and assistant chairs enable precise access to the surgical field.

Discover our customized bundle recommendation that meets a wide range of requirements and is guaranteed to fit any budget.

ENT surgery performanceLine bundle

Recommended equipment variant: Efficient and high quality

Our performanceLine for ENT surgery

With our furniture bundle perfectly adapted to ENT surgery, with the 500 XLE treatment chair, the surgiTrend surgeon’s chair with Comfort seat, the easyPro F assistant’s chair, the supportLine instrument table and selected components, your OR is ready for immediate use.


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500 XLE
easyPro F

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