Our classic with the plus of comfort

500 XLE comfort

Our 500 XLE treatment chair with even more lying comfort for your patients

Our model 500 XLE with extra-thick padding

Maximum lying comfort for your patients

Do you want to offer your patients maximum lying comfort even during longer operations? With the 500 XLE comfort model from UFSK-International OSYS, you benefit from all the advantages of the maneuverable and powerful 500 XLE and enable your patients to enjoy pleasant and comfortable treatment with the additional padding, integrated knee roll as well as the flattened neck area – even during procedures lasting several hours. In addition, the 500 XLE comfort convinces with an optimal price-performance ratio and sophisticated technology, which was specially developed for outpatient ophthalmological operations in rotation.

Comfort upholstery with built-in knee roll and sloping neck area

The comfortable comfort cushion can be individually adjusted to the patient’s size and offers even more lying comfort thanks to its integrated knee roll and flattened neck area. This makes the 500 XLE comfort treatment chair particularly suitable for longer operations – e.g. surgical procedures on the retina.

Precision steel undercarriage

Precision steel frame chassis with four fully rotating double castors with mechanical maneuvering aid “Steering Guide” for excellent driving characteristics as well as easy and back-friendly pushing by one person.

Removable push handles and armrests

The removable foot-mounted push handles in ergonomic design are easy on the wrists when pushing the treatment chair. The armrests mounted on the back section serve as push handles for your operating room personnel as well as an entry aid for your patients.

Intuitive manual keypad

The multifunctional hand-held control with eight memory positions, auto-run function, reset button, CPR button and battery charge indicator ensures pleasant working conditions before, during and after surgery.

Easily disinfectable medical plastic cladding

The cladding with scratch-resistant and stable surface finish is particularly hygienic and easy to disinfect.

Flexible head part

The back cushion of the comfort upholstery, flattened in the neck area, offers maximum freedom of movement for the head section.

Removable foot control

The removable foot control allows the surgeon to reposition the treatment chair intuitively and precisely in a sterile environment. It allows the surgeon to adjust the height of the lying surface and the inclination of the head section. It also ensures maximum freedom of movement.

Flattened back section for optimum legroom

Thanks to the flat back section, the 500 XLE treatment chair offers you maximum legroom, regardless of the position, and thus optimum working conditions in the operating room.

Narrow back pad for comfortable access in the head area

The tapered shape of the back pad allows optimal access during temporal surgery

Mains-free operation due to integrated battery box

The powerful battery box gets you safely through your daily operating routine. The long-life battery technology does not require an external charging station and thus no annoying cable. The optionally available exchangeable battery box provides additional safety.

Additional features of the 500 XLE comfort treatment chair

Designed for economical and efficient continuous use in rotation (Mobile Table Rotation)

Simple, intuitive operability and electromotive adjustment options shorten the average operation time

Mains-free operation due to powerful accumulator box (approx. 100 OP cycles), which can be changed quickly

Audible signal warns of deep battery discharge for added safety and longevity

Pull-out component holder for quick and effortless attachment of additional components

Service-friendly access for easy cleaning and maintenance


500 XLE comfort

Headrest with ball joint

360° all-round adjustment,

Side parts right and left

580 x 200 mm, swiveling including locking, upholstered

Norm rail

Attachment to the seat part

Side parts right and left

580 x 200 mm, including quick-release clamp for mounting on norm rail (without norm rail 3351 0047)

Backup battery

Back-up system, additional safety due to exchangeable battery drawer

Pushing handles

pair, attachment to the back part

Pushing handles

pair, attachment to the back part

Anesthesia arm board

with universal joint, including arm secure straps

Flexible surgical drape support rod

Flexible surgical drape support rod with air connection

Hand control holder

flexible bendable, PVC
(component holder 3351 0037 not included)

Hand control holder

PVC, for attachment onto an I.V. Pole Ø 25/18 mm

Head part bumper

stainless steel

Wrist rest

including mounting plate 3013 0000,
adjustment height 115 mm

Wrist rest

adjustable, tiltable,
including mounting plate 3013 0000,
adjustment height 115 mm

Wrist rest

550 x 370 mm, height adjustable,
including mounting plate 3013 0000,
adjustment height 115 mm

Mounting plate

stainless steel, attachment to the head part
for the wrist rest 3014 0000, 3014 0005 and 3209 0000

Head fixation pillow

with hollow (rubins pillow), 410 x 250 mm, height 100 mm, factory-fitted

Facial pillow

horseshoe-shaped, including adapter plate,

Instrument table

Tray size 500 x 300 x 15 mm,
height adjustable, swiveling, detachable,
including adapter (component holder 3351 0037 not included)

Shoulder parts

right and left, attachment to the back part

Knee half roll

600 x 280 x 140 mm,

Knee roll round

500 x 150 mm,

Wrist secure straps

pair, with velcro straps

Body strap

with velcro straps, 2-piece

Foot part extension

including footrest, adjustable, adjustment 190 mm,

Foot protection foil

to protect the upholstery, fastening on the back of the leg part with Velcro fastener

I.V. Pole

stainless steel Ø 25/18 mm, one-hand height adjustable 1,070-1,660 mm, 4 hooks, max. 2 kg/hook, glass and holder
(component holder 3351 0037 not included)

Component arm

stainless steel, swiveling,
including extendible I.V. Pole Ø 25 mm

Component holder

stainless steel, for mounting on component mounting support

Cylinder holder

Attachment to the chassis

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Hygiene products


cover drape for treatment chair,
200 x 73 cm,
box á 160 pieces

stayClean kick bucket

Kick bucket, capacity 12l, circular base and bucket with handle made of chrome-nickel steel, 4 double castors (2x electrically conductive) ø 50 mm,
impact protection made of PVC,
ø 460 x 410 mm

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Medical product


Instrument table,
height adjustable 730 – 1,000 mm,
electrically conductive double castors, brakable,
with removable stainless steel tray,
tray size 650 x 530 mm

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Upholstery in special colors

Our color cards

In the standard version, the 500 XLE comfort treatment chair is available in anthracite (main color) and chrome (accent color on shoulder and seat upholstery) (Item No. 30370092). Individualize the upholstery of your products and match the color to your working environment. To do so, select two colors from each of the color cards.


The colors displayed on your device may differ slightly from the original colors. You can request original color cards at info@ufsk-osys.com. For more information on the product specifications of the respective upholstery, please refer to the downloads at the bottom of the page as a PDF file.

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