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Treatment chairs and components

Treatment chair


Item No.: 1800 0000

Model: eyeForce

Quantity: 1

Category: premiumLine

Surgical specialty: Ophthalmic surgery, dental surgery, ENT surgery and other

Recommended configuration for ophthalmic surgery

Serial number: 3850

Year of manufacture: 2018-06

Upholstery colour: F6461288 Perle Tundra skai

Condition: Slight signs of wear

Components: 1x Side rails (Item No.: 3102 0000)

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Farbauswahl der Polsterung des Behandlungsstuhls 500 XLE comfort performanceLine

Upholstery for 500 XLE

Comfort upholstery (Item No.: 3037 0080)
incl. integrated knee roll, surcharge skai
Pandoria Plus surcharge (Item No.: 3037 0136)

In mint condition. Upholstery in special colours according to colour chart skai Pandoria Plus. Indication respectively of main colour / secondary colour (on shoulder and seat). Representation of the treatment chairs shown here is exemplary.

  • 1x birke F6413049 / platin F6413053 (Item No.: 3037 0297)
  • 1x smoke F6413050 / platin F6413053 (Item No.: 3037 0285)
  • 1x weiss F6413046 / platin F6413053 (Item No.: 3037 0169)
  • 2x hellbeige 6413047 / smoke 6413050 (Item Nor.: 3037 0140)
  • 1x gletscher F6413055 / platin F6413053 (Item No.: 3037 0284)
  • Note: The colours displayed on your device may differ slightly from the original colours. You can request original colour charts at Further information on the product specifications of the specific paddings can be obtained as a PDF file as download.
  • Please send your price inquiry to
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Gebrauchte Knierolle (Art.-Nr. 30190000)


Knee half roll (Item No.: 3019 0000)

  • 60 x 28 x 14 cm
  • PUD-coated
  • Slight scratch on the upholstery (see detail picture)
  • Suitable for: eyeForce, 500 XLE, 500 bariatric, 500 XLS and 400 XL
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Side rails right and left

Item No.: 3102 0000

Model: Side rails

Quantity: 1 pair (right and left)

Category: premiumLine

Year of manufacture: 2018-06

Condition: Visible traces of use

Component for:  eyeForce


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3x mounting clamp

Item No.: 3090 0000

Model: Mounting clamp

Quantity: 3

Category: premiumLine, functionalClass

Year of manufacture: 2018-04

Condition: Visible traces of use

Component for:  eyeForce and 400 XL


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Surgeons chairs, assistant chairs and components

Surgeon´s chair

surgiForce with Dynamic seat

Item No.: 2600 0000

Model: surgiForce

Category: premiumLine

Surgical specialties: Ophthalmic surgery and neurosurgery

Recommended configuration for ophthalmic surgery and neurosurgery

Serial number: 1430

Year of manufacture: 2017-03

Upholstery colour: 30370021 black Stamskin Top

Condition: Slight signs of wear

Components: 1x Armrests linear guide (Item No.: 3351 0034)

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Gebrauchte Assistentenstühle easyPro R (Art.-Nr. 2400 0006) in Sonderfarbe periline 010766 delft SN 0031- SN 0035

Assistant's chair

3x easyPro R (Item No.: 2400 0013) in special colour Periline 010766 delft (SN 0033, SN 0034, SN 0035)

  • Ergonomically shaped seat
  • The upholstery fabric is easy to clean, blood resistant, sweat proof, saliva proof, lightfast and flame retardant
  • Excellent driving characteristics due to double rollers
  • 5-arm aluminum chassis
  • Convenient height adjustment by gas pressure spring via ring release on easyPro R
  • Flexible height adjustment from 52cm to 70cm
  • Reduces cramping in the neck and lumbar region due to occupational, prolonged sitting
  • Maximum load capacity of 130 kg
  • Upholstery in special colour Periline 010766 delft
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Transport and relaxing chairs and components

Transport and relaxing chair


Item No.: 1700 0000

Model: motionLine

Serial number: 0142

Year of manufacture: 2016-04

Upholstery colour: F6461197 anthracite Tundra skai

Condition: Very good/demonstration model

Special characteristic: Bolster missing


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