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Gebrauchtgerät eyeForce mit e-drive (Art.-Nr. 18000000) SN: 3520, 3530, 3540

Used equipment: treatment chair

eyeForce with e-drive – (Item No. 18000000) SN:3520, 3530, 3540

eyeForce with e-drive (Item No. 33160000),30330000+30120000)

  • Power-free operation thanks to powerful and environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries (approx. 100 OP cycles) can be quickly changed via the rechargeable battery drawer
  • Fold-down foot control with two 4-way joysticks and activation switch enables the sterile surgeon to adjust the lying surface sensitively and precisely
  • Manual keypad with five individually programmable memory positions, reset key, auto-run function and battery charge indicator
  • The 3-D and longitudinally adjustable headrest with trough guarantees safe and correct positioning of the head
  • Optimized back cover provides more legroom for the surgeon
  • Precision lightweight chassis in cast aluminum technology with four fully rotating double castors for easy and back-friendly pushing
  • The electronically controlled braking system with “Steering Guide” function optimizes the controlled handling of the couch by only one person
  • Push handles installed as standard on the back section provide more ergonomics and better driving comfort for both the driver and the patient The electronically controlled braking system with “Steering Guide” function optimizes the controlled handling of the couch by only one person
  • Foot side push handles, foldable
  • Activation/deactivation of the head and foot directional “Steering Guide” via manual keypad or micro pushbutton on the push handles
  • Electronic wheel brake acting on 4 wheels
  • Simple, fast and user-friendly handling
  • The unique extension system prevents the patient from slipping off
  • Individual adaptation to patient needs
  • Low entrance height
  • Standard color anthracite
  • slight signs of usage
Gebrauchtgeräte 500 XLE comfort (Art.-Nr. 15000006, 3037 0080), SN: 5175 und 5176

Used equipment: Treatment chairs

2x 500 XLE comfort Item No. 15000006 + 3037 0080), SN 5175

500 XLE comfort (SN: 5175) with side panel right and left, swiveling with locking device (Art.-Nr. 3351 0012) 

  • Large legroom and free access to the patient's head
  • Space-saving use, excellent maneuverability, even in confined spaces
  • Multifunctional handheld probe with 8 memory positions, auto-run function, reset button, CPR button and battery charge indicator
  • Automatic shutdown in standby mode with reactivation button
  • Sterile working without interruption by operating the adjustment functions using the foot switch
  • Not location-bound due to battery operation
  • With potential equalization connection
  • The treatment chair with Comfort upholstery is particularly well suited for long operations (retina/retina)
  • Back-friendly and easy maneuvering due to mechanical directional control, operated via foot lever
  • 360° rotatable, electrically conductive double castors for excellent driving characteristics
  • Chair-table combination - no need to reposition the patient
  • Service-friendly access for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Acoustic signal warns of deep discharge of the batteries
  • Easy entry and exit, low entry height
  • Comfortable armrests for high patient safety, removable
  • Comfort upholstery incl. integrated knee roll in two-tone design
  • slight signs of usage
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Gebrauchte Knierolle (Art.-Nr. 30190000)


Knee roll Item No.: 30190000

  • Half round bolster pillow
  • 60 x 28 x 14 cm
  • PUD-Coating
  • slight scratch on the upholstery (see detail picture)
  • Suitable for: eyeForce, 500 XLE, 500 bariatric, 500 XLS, 400 XL
Gebrauchte Assistentenstühle easyPro R (Art.-Nr. 2400 0006) in Sonderfarbe periline 010766 delft SN 0031- SN 0035


5x easyPro R (Art.Nr.: 2400 0006) in special color periline 010766 delft SN 0031- SN 0035

  • Ergonomically shaped seat
  • The upholstery fabric is easy to clean, blood resistant, sweat proof, saliva proof, light fast and flame retardant
  • Excellent driving characteristics due to double rollers
  • 5-arm aluminum chassis
  • Convenient height adjustment by gas pressure spring via ring release on easyPro R
  • Flexible height adjustment from 52cm to 70cm
  • Reduces cramping in the neck and lumbar region due to occupational, prolonged sitting
  • Maximum load capacity of 130kg
  • Upholstery in special color periline 010766 delft
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Gebrauchte Fußschalterplatte (Art.-Nr. 31050003) für surgiTrend bis SN 327


1 Foot switch plate (Art.-Nr. 31050003) für surgiTrend till SN 327

The foot control plate shows slight signs of use. It is compatible for the surgiTrend operating chair up to serial number 327.

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