Our bundle for I.V.I. treatment

I.V.I. treatment

Bundle recommendation for the precise delivery of I.V.I. therapies


Intuitive and time efficient

Selected surgical equipment for intravitreal surgical drug application

Intravitreal surgical drug application is one of the most important and common treatments in ophthalmology. In this procedure, VEGF inhibitors are injected into the interior of the eye with the help of a syringe in order to improve the vision of the affected person.


Below, we present our surgical bundle from UFSK-OSYS, which have been specially designed to perform I.V.I. treatments. Our bundle recommendation convince with optimal ergonomics and stability as well as intuitive and time-efficient adjustment possibilities, which allow a particularly economical work for walk-in OR concepts (Just Walk-In OR).
Get your I.V.I. OR ready for immediate use with our selected OR bundle for every budget.

I.V.I. treatment functionalClass bundle

Recommended equipment variant: Functional and fast

Our functionalClass for I.V.I. treatments

Functionality in a nutshell: With our preconfigured surgical bundle for I.V.I. treatments, you receive the 500 ECO treatment chair including matching components that you need for successful and efficient intravitreal surgical drug application. The bundle is rounded off with the supportLine instrument table.


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500 ECO

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