Customer testimonials


This is what our customers say about us.

David F. Chang, M.D.

Altos Eye Physicians in Los Altos, California:

„We´d love to have something that´s easy for people to get onto and off, wanna minimize the transfers that have to be done and want it to be comfortable for the entire time we´re sitting here.
We were actually the third facility in the US to use their product.
This was back in 2005 and I was little worried about how we wanna get a service when they´re in Germany, but this is now their installations throughout the United States. We have eight of these beds in two operating rooms, but the patient literally stays there the whole time. “

Dr. med R. Barbieri

Augenpraxis Odenwald, Germany:

“The first requirement for a relaxed and successful cataract surgery is the positioning. The eyeForce treatment chair allows us to position all patients in a very relaxed way and can be folded back so that no scoliosis or deep-set eye is in the way for me. The chair glides excellently in the surgical area and thanks to its special patient comfort, increased waiting times are no longer a problem. The cleverly bendable drape holder brings oxygen directly under the drape and leads to an enormous advantage when operating under local or drip anesthesia. My team and I are very satisfied with the eyeForce.”

Dr. med Patrick Ferdinand

Augenarztpraxis Bonn, Germany:

“Since 2002, I have been working exclusively with UFSK-OSYS treatment chairs and patient transport chairs in my own operating room, where I perform cataract surgeries, intravitreal injections and eyelid corrections. We also work exclusively with UFSK-OSYS treatment stools in our practice. All models are easy to use and their quality can be considered excellent. So far, only 1 – 2 minor cosmetic repairs were necessary, which we were able to do ourselves. Thus, I can fully recommend the company UFSK-OSYS and its products.”

Dr. med Detlef Bludau

Praxisklinik für Augenheilkunde Lünen, Germany:

“I have been working with UFSK-OSYS treatment chairs since 2004. In 2019, the devices were replaced by the successor model eyeForce. It is particularly great that I was able to test the eyeForce in my OR without obligation and that a sales representative came by especially. He took plenty of time and explained everything in detail to me and the entire team. I was already convinced of the eyeForce during the first OP in the context of the test order. Besides the quality of the products, I always feel well looked after by UFSK-OSYS. No matter what concern I have – I always receive a quick and competent feedback.”

Dr. Hüseyin Aral

Augenplastische Chirurgie Köln, Germany:

“I am very satisfied with the operating table model 500 XLS, it meets all our expectations, its functionality is convincing for treatments of the eyelids and lid surgery. I would recommend the treatment chair at any time.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchsluger

Universitätsmedizin Rostock, Germany:

“The five operating tables from UFSK-OSYS are a great relief for the daily work in our eye clinic. The nursing staff is physically relieved and the patients lie much more comfortably. Patients with back problems, Parkinson’s disease or dementia in particular need special comfort and lie more quietly when they are lying comfortably. This is crucial because patients are often operated on under local anesthesia.”

Dr. Tomi Teodor

Clinica Ophtalens T in Cluj-Napoca, Romania:

“UFSK-International OSYS truly is a five-star company as their customer service is really on point. They have a team of excellent people who are always available and eager to help. We had great communication during technical support and they were very prompt in supplying the spare parts we needed. We will definitely continue to work with UFSK-International OSYS as they are great partners for providing surgical systems.”

Dr. med. Marc T. Tell Kammann

KammannEye in Davos, Switzerland:

“In 2012, I saw the eyeForce treatment chair at the DOC. Thanks to the e-drive, it can be driven by the staff without much effort. Unfortunately, it was a prototype at DOC at the time, so I had to be patient for a while. We’ve had the chairs for 8 years now. I am extremely satisfied with both the chairs and the service provided by the staff. In our new center in Chur, we will order 4 more chairs.”

Dr. med. Levent Kanal

Augenheilzentrum Im Rad Wiesbaden, Germany:

“The effectiveness of our operating procedures has increased significantly with the purchase of the eyeForce treatment chairs and the surgiLine surgeon’s chair. Moving patients in and out now requires less time and energy from my staff.
The mobility and ease of use finally allows my staff and me to work ergonomically, and my patients to be positioned comfortably.”

Dr. Marc Assouad

LaserVision – HDF (Hotel-Dieu de France) in Beirut, Lebanon:

“We are very pleased with all your product and patient, doctor and staff are very pleased with the performance.”

Dr. Dominika Nilson, Managing Partner

Augenzentrum Hannover-Langenhagen, Germany

“Our new eye surgery center in Langenhagen was opened in summer 2023. In our case, a new surgery center means purchasing all new medical equipment and surgical inventory. What could be more obvious than relying on your own positive experience? We already had some UFSK-OSYS products in our old OR.
When it came to planning the new OR, it was immediately clear to the entire OR team that we wanted the operating tables, treatment chairs, surgeon’s chairs and assistant’s chairs from UFSK-OSYS. At the DOC in Nuremberg, our surgical team also found the “perfect” instrument table they had been looking for at the UFSK-OSYS stand.

At UFSK-OSYS, the quality, service, convenience and price are just right. Communication with the office and field staff is always very pleasant and goal-oriented.”