Treatment chair
for ophthalmology


Ergonomic and mobile for highly efficient OR management

UFSK-OSYS Behandlungsstuhl eyeForce premiumLine

The top model for eye surgery

The medical-grade eyeForce sets new standards in mobility, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness for microsurgery in the head region. Not only the design and the high-quality materials stand out, but also the sophisticated technical finesses, which UFSK-OSYS has been continuously developing for almost 30 years in close cooperation with renowned eye surgeons.

UFSK-OSYS Behandlungsstuhl eyeForce Tech Winner i-NOVO Awards 2015

Back-friendly and preventive

Maximum ergonomics for patients and medical staff

The eyeForce treatment chair has been awarded as “Preventive Technology” equipment, which offers the surgeon, the assistant as well as the patient numerous ergonomic advantages that contribute to sustainable health care in the workplace:

  • Optional e-drive system for effortless pushing forward / backward and comfortable vibration-free transport of the patient
  • The unique extension system “SES” developed by UFSK-OSYS has an extremely low entry height when the patient enters and exits the bed, thus reducing patient slippage when adjusting the bed surface – thus eliminating the time required for repositioning
  • Elektronisch gesteuertes Bremssystem mit „Steering Guide“-Funktion für einfaches und ergonomisches Manövrieren durch eine Person, selbst in engen Räumen
  • Electronically controlled braking system with “Steering Guide” function for easy and ergonomic maneuvering by one person, even in tight spaces
  • Optimized back cover with fold-down push handles provides more legroom for the operator and a relaxed pushing position
  • Precision lightweight chassis in cast aluminum technology with robust stainless steel upper frame and 4 large, fully rotating double castors for easy and back-friendly pushing with a maximum load of 250 kg
  • Power-saving switchable wheel steering and directional guidance, at the head and foot end, via manual keypad or micro pushbuttons on the push handles

Optional e-drive system

for effortless pushing forward / backward and a comfortable vibration-free transport of the patient

Extremely low entry height

mit einem besonders angenehmen Ein- und Ausstieg für den Patienten

Back-friendly activation / deactivation

of the “Steering Guide

Ergonomically shaped push handles

at optimum thrust height

Optimized back cover

with foldable push handles provides more legroom for the operator

Precision lightweight chassis

in aluminum cast technology

Power-saving switchable wheel steering and directional guidance

via manual keypad or micro pushbutton

Sterile operability and precise access in the head area

The field-proven and user-friendly handling of the eyeForce enables the surgeon to perform highly precise navigation in the surgical environment as well as sterile positioning:

Abnehmbare Fußtastatur des Behandlungsstuhls eyeForce mit stufenloser elektronischer Höhen- und Kopfverstellung

Fold-down foot control with two 4-way joysticks and activation switch enables the sterile surgeon to adjust the lying surface sensitively and precisely

Manual keypad with five individually programmable memory positions, reset button, auto-run function and battery charge indicator for a pleasant workflow

The 3D and longitudinally adjustable headrest with trough and neck support guarantees safe and correct positioning of the head 

Optional: head section with ball joint for 360° all-round adjustment

Interactive product video

Positioning of the patient

The intuitive hand-held probe with a comprehensive range of functions ensures uncomplicated and intelligent patient positioning. For your standard patient positioning at the touch of a button:

5 freely storable memory positions for the most important seat positions

Reset button transports directly to the initial position

Auto-Run function for automatic change of seat position

Battery charge level indicator facilitates charge management

“Steering Guide” maneuvering aid on the hand control and push handle, allows the patient to be moved in a straight line

Einsatz von drei eyeForce Behandlungsstühlen im Rotationssystem

Smart solutions

An investment for the future

With its technical and functional features, the eyeForce operating table enables a fast and safe surgical procedure as well as a higher patient throughput:

  • The use of, for example, three eyeForce operating tables per operating room enables both economical and efficient work in rotation (Mobile Table Rotation)
  • Simple, intuitive operability and electromotive adjustment options reduce average operating time
  • Mains-free operation thanks to powerful and environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries (approx. 100 OP cycles), which can be quickly replaced with optional rechargeable battery drawer.
  • Easy charging of the device with charging adapter and charging socket integrated in the chassis, without battery removal
  • High-end quality and durability of the product as well as competent UFSK maintenance service for more cost-efficiency in inventory procurement





Backup battery drawer

incl. batteries

Headrest with ball joint

360° all-round adjustment, factory-fitted

Side parts right and left

580×200 mm, incl. quick-release clamp for mounting on norm rail

Side rails right and left

swiveling incl. locking, upholstered

Anesthesia arm board

with universal joint, incl. mounting clamp

Mounting clamp

polished aluminium, with quick clamp lever for norm rail 25 x 10 mm incl. locking device

Flexible surgical drape

support rod (mounting clamp 3090 0000 not included)

Flexible surgical drape

support rod with air connection (mounting clamp 3090 0000 not included)

Hand control holder

PVC (mounting clamp 3090 0000 not included)

Hand control holder

for attachment onto an I.V. Pole Ø 25 / 18 mm, PVC

Head part bumper

stainless steel

Wrist rest

adjustable, incl. mounting plate 3013 0000, adjustment 115 mm

Wrist rest

adjustable, tiltable, incl. mounting plate 3013 0000, adjustment 115 mm

Wrist rest

550×370 mm, height adjustable, incl. mounting plate, adjustement 115 mm

Mounting plate

stainless steel for the wrist rest 3014 0000, 3014 0005 and 3209 0000

Head fixation pillow

with hollow (rubins pillow), 410 x 250 mm, height 100 mm, factory-fitted

Shoulder parts

right and left

Instrument table

500 x 300 x 15 mm, height adjustable, swiveling, detachable, incl. component arm

Component arm

stainless steel, swiveling, incl. extendible I.V. Pole Ø 25 mm

Component arm

stainless steel, not swiveling, incl. extendible I.V. Pole Ø 25 mm

Wrist secure straps



with Velcro straps 2-piece

Foot part extension

attachable, incl. norm rail

Foot protection foil


Knee half roll

600 x 280 x 140 mm, PUD-coated

Knee roll round

500 x 150 mm, PUD-coated


incl. integrated knee roll, factory-fitted

Cylinder holder


Instrument table, height adjustable 730-985 mm

supportLine plus

Instrument table, height adjustable 930-1185 mm


cover drape for treatment chair, 200 x 73 cm, box á 160 pieces

Mounting clamp


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