Surgeon´s chairs and
surgeon´s stools

for surgeons and assistants

Innovative operating chairs from UFSK-OSYS
for highest demands

Operateurstühle von UFSK-OSYS

Reliable, flexible and ergonomic companions

Surgical procedures in the head area, especially in ophthalmic and microsurgery, require the highest precision and concentration from the surgeon as well as the OR assistants – and often for several hours. The operating chairs from UFSK OSYS are reliable, flexible and ergonomic companions in the daily surgical routine and can be individually adapted to the needs of your surgical team. Our innovative OR stools are used in outpatient OR practices, clinics and hospitals and offer your medical staff maximum comfort, optimal fatigue-free patient access and excellent driving characteristics.

Ophthalmologische Operation

Ergonomic surgeon’s chairs

For a relaxed daily operating routine

The high patient throughput in ophthalmic and microsurgery demands not only the highest precision from the surgeon, but also enormous physical effort. When developing the surgeon’s chairs from UFSK OSYS, the focus was on reducing your stress to a minimum and creating a work platform that can be operated intuitively and in a sterile manner, giving you optimal patient access.

  • The operating chairs are perfectly suited for use in the rotation system in outpatient ORs
  • Our operating chairs from the premiumLine and performanceLine product lines set new standards in your OR

Functional, robust and uncomplicated surgical stools for your assistants

Our surgical assistant’s chairs for ophthalmic and microsurgery offer comfortable seating, sustainably protect the back and are available with various seating and adjustment systems. The easy-care surgeon´s stools have excellent driving characteristics and ergonomically shaped seat cushions. Our portfolio includes models with and without backrests.

Mobile Behandlungsliegen von UFSK-OSYS

Safety, ergonomics and total freedom

Mobile treatment chairs from UFSK-OSYS

Whether private practice, hospital or clinic – the innovative treatment chairs from UFSK-OSYS enable the greatest possible safety, ergonomics and complete freedom in the daily operating routine for doctors, assistants and patients in ophthalmic, micro, dental and maxillofacial surgery. The mobile and versatile treatment chairs can be easily and quickly moved to the desired operating table positions and are ideally suited for working in rotation. This guarantees a high patient throughput and increases efficiency in your operating room.

Our treatment chairs

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