Assistant´s chair

The comfortable assistant all-rounder for your OR

UFSK-OSYS Assistentenstuhl assistPro efficiencyClass

The all-rounder for ophthalmic and microsurgery

With the assistPro, you as an OR assistant will find the perfect companion for long and physically challenging OR assignments. The extremely stable assistant chair has a comfortable seat and backrest and is available in the assistPro F and assistPro H versions.

UFSK-OSYS Assistentenstuhl assistPro efficiencyClass


Convenient working with the Comfort seating system

Awarded “Preventive Technology” equipment, the assistPro is equipped with the particularly comfortable Comfort seating system, which promotes correct seating posture and is especially easy to clean.

  • Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest to support the correct, back-friendly sitting posture
  • Lordosis support with individually adjustable height and angle adjustment for protection of the lumbar region
  • Easy-to-clean, durable seat cover made of medical-grade imitation leather for the highest hygiene requirements in the OR (optionally with antistatic upholstery)




pair incl. traverse only for assistPro F

Double rimmed castor

65 mm with braking function, upcharge

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