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Bundle recommendations for microsurgical procedures in the head region

Neurochirurgischer Eingriff

Ergonomics for your well-being

The optimal equipment for a demanding medical field

On the agenda of neurosurgeons and their assistants are surgical interventions of the central and peripheral nervous system. The surgical field of neurosurgical interventions is mostly limited to small areas and structures that require microsurgical access.

Our preconfigured bundle recommendations for neurosurgery are composed of the highly functional product portfolio of UFSK-OSYS. The individual bundle components complement each other perfectly and have been selected according to the specific requirements of neurosurgeons.

With our bundles for neurosurgery, your OR is ready for immediate use. They provide you and your staff with the perfect basis for ergonomic and efficient work, helping to promote well-being and concentration in the long term.

Neurosurgery 1 premiumLine bundle

Recommended equipment variant: Ergonomic and high quality

Our premiumLine for neurosurgeons

Take your neurosurgery to the next level with our preconfigured neurosurgery 1 bundle. Included is the surgiForce surgeon’s chair with Comfort seat and components perfectly matched to your specialty.


Further information on the product can be found here:

Neurosurgery 2 premiumLine bundle

Recommended equipment variant: Inexpensive and stable

Our premiumLine for neurosurgeons

Our alternative premium neurosurgery 2 bundle with our surgiForce light gives you precise and ergonomic access to the surgical field thanks to specialized components.


Further information on the product can be found here:

surgiForce light

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