the high-tech ophthalmic chair for microsurgery


The innovative surgeon chair for maximum freedom of movement and precision in ophthalmic surgery

For comfortable, fatigue-free and sterile surgery in ophthalmic surgery

The mobile surgeon’s chair for highest demands

As an ophthalmic surgeon, you are exposed to extreme physical stress every day due to the high patient throughput. A surgeon chair that offers you an ergonomically correct sitting posture, maximum comfort and sterile operating and adjustment options is therefore a must for your efficient OR management. Reduce your stress to a minimum and switch to surgiForce. Create optimal working conditions that are individually tailored to your needs with our top-of-the-line model. The special mobility of the surgeon’s chair as well as the high-precision navigation in the operating field enable you to work ergonomically in ophthalmic surgery.

Armrests with one-hand release

The maintenance-free ball-and-socket joint of the arm rests enables you to make ergonomic, fast and vibration-proof all-round movements around all axes. There is also a one-hand release under the arm rests, which you can use to adjust the arm rests sterilely and without assistance if necessary. The arm rests have a maximum load capacity of 14 kg and offer you maximum safety in the OR.
The angled arm support bracket allows an increased range of movement for the armrests around the transverse axis. Thanks to the clamping levers, the armrest set can be replaced quickly and easily.

Sterile working with foot control

The multifunction unit is activated by tapping it with the foot. It can be used to effortlessly adjust both the height of the seat and the armrests electrically, independently of each other. An acoustic signal sounds when it is activated.

NEW: Lower access height thanks to shortened lifting column – implemented as part of the product upgrade from 2024.

Two ergonomic seating systems

You have a choice of two seating systems that support a correct sitting posture and provide lasting relief for your back.
The Comfort seating system with mechanical individual adjustment functions and a sliding carriage under the seat enables the surgeon to maintain a working posture that is easy on the back. In addition, a lumbar support provides relief for the spine.
The molded seat system with enlarged support surface ensures comfortable weight distribution. Together with the backrest, the seat surface can be individually tilted forwards and fixed in position. In addition, angle and height adjustment of the backrest ensure an ideal sitting posture.
The Comfort seat is recommended when the surgeon is seated sideways to the operating field. The molded seat is recommended for operations from above.

Adjustment of seat orientation by sliding carriage

With the aid of the sliding carriage under the seat, the surgeon’s sitting posture can be optimally adjusted to the surgical field as well as the foot control.

Wireless operation

The integrated rechargeable battery unit allows for mains-independent operation – thus achieving more mobility and safety in everyday surgery.

High quality stainless steel precision arms

The ergonomic arm rests of the surgiForce are mounted on a solid stainless steel construction, allowing the surgeon to work safely and precisely. This allows the stepless height adjustment to be used sterilely and independently. The PUR molded foam gives the arm rests a pleasant feel, guarantees a secure hold and can be easily cleaned with disinfectant.
Stainless steel top frame and practical push handles on the back for quick repositioning of the operating chair.

Lightweight chassis with double track rollers

The lightweight chassis in cast aluminum technology offers maximum stability and durability with unrestricted mobility. The double castors are smooth-running and can be rotated 360°. The central front roller provides additional stability when weight is shifted to the front.

Easy to use braking system

The easily accessible central brake, which is easy to operate thanks to color coding, acts powerfully on the four double castors and holds the surgiForce safely and reliably in the desired position. The brake lever made of aluminum is particularly stable.

High gloss plastic cladding

The high-gloss plastic cladding with impact-protection corners and impact-modified surface finish is particularly hygienic, scratch-resistant, easy to disinfect and enables carefree maneuvering.

Additional features of the surgiForce surgeon chair

The base of the chassis is manufactured using cast aluminum technology. This creates maximum stability and durability with unrestricted mobility. In addition, the material and its processing meet the highest hygienic requirements

Armrests with linear guide for added flexibility. By means of forearm pressure, the arms glide effortlessly in longitudinal direction and stop with self-locking by releasing – optionally available

For a team size of more than three operators, we recommend the surgiForce

Optional: Armrest set with one-hand release for neurosurgery

Optional: Practical foot control plate available in two different sizes – for even more comfort in the OR



Armrest pair for neurosurgery

with one-hand release, for neurosurgery (angular), retrofit kit

Armrest pair with linear guide

and one-hand release,

Foot release for sliding carriage

for sterile adjustment of the sliding carriage

Footswitch plate

429 x 820 mm, height 53 mm, with corner protection

Footswitch plate

429 x 690 mm, height 53 mm, with corner protection

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Upholstery in custom colors

Our color cards

In the standard version of the surgiForce surgeon chair, the Comfort seat is available in black (Item No. 30370235) and the Formed seat in anthracite (Item No. 30370052). Individualize the upholstery of your products and match the color to your working environment. To do so, select a color from one of the color cards.


The colors displayed on your device may differ slightly from the original colors. You can request original color cards at For more information on the product specifications of the respective upholstery, please refer to the downloads at the bottom of the page as a PDF file.

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