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For 30 years, UFSK-International OSYS has been developing highly specialized mobile surgical tables and operating room chairs for ophthalmology. The owner-managed company is led by Jürgen Scherrieble. For him, success means not only meeting the special requirements of his international customers, but also creating a working environment for employees that is characterized by mutual respect and trust. In doing so, he never loses sight of the essentials and at the same time has medical progress firmly in his sights.

“We build treatment chairs for doctors and patients with the right sense of quality and great comfort.”

Christian Scherrieble

“We develop products
for the most ingenious machine that exists – the human body.”

Jürgen Scherrieble, CEO UFSK-OSYS

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Thinking and acting for the ophthalmic surgical purpose

From practice – for practice

When developing our innovative operating room equipment, we always focus on the direct benefit of our target group. That is why we design our practice-oriented products in close cooperation with internationally renowned ophthalmic surgeons. The extremely high patient throughput in this medical specialty as well as the global use of our devices require service-friendly technology with ergonomic refinements, combined with the highest quality and robustness.

Innovative product development from a single source

From the idea to marketability

No one knows the needs and requirements of our customers better than we do. That’s why our qualified employees accompany every step of product development – from the first design sketch to the prototype to the market-ready product and beyond. After all, we also handle the sales and marketing of our products as well as the support of our distribution network first-hand. Throughout the process, we focus on longevity, sustainability and traceability, and take into account global quality standards.

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Bundled know-how for the global market

At our location in Regensburg, we combine our entire expertise under one roof: production, warehousing, shipping and merchandise management all find a place in our bright and friendly premises, as do our legal and regulatory departments, financial accounting, customs, marketing, sales, IT, service and engineering. With our delivery and service vehicles, we are on the road for our customers and our distribution network all over the world. But we can also be found regularly at international trade fairs with our innovative products.

Our history

A success story with a future

The global success story of UFSK-International OSYS GmbH began in 1994 at our site in Regensburg, whose capacities have since been expanded for the third time. Today, we have optimal personnel resources and large-scale production facilities that pave the way for steady and sustainable further development.



400 XL


400 XLE


600 XLE


600 XLE mem / el. Brake


600 XLE Y-chassis




500 XLE


500 LC


500 bariatric


600 XLE facelift


500 XLS


500 XLE comfort


Our top model eyeForce
enters the market


500 XLE facelift


eyeForce II


500 ECO


500 XLE facelift