Stability meets agility


The optimized surgeon chair for rotation systems in the outpatient OR

Flexible and back-friendly operation in confined spaces

The smooth-running and ergonomic surgeon’s chair
for ophthalmic and microsurgery

As an ophthalmic or microsurgeon, you have to cope with fast surgery cycles with a high patient throughput every day, which demand maximum stamina and concentration from you. The surgiTrend surgeon’s chair supports you with its special stability, customizability and mobility, making it the perfect companion for outpatient surgery. At the same time, it has intuitive functionalities that create optimal working conditions and promote a healthy posture.

Flexible and ergonomic armrests

The stable, ergonomically shaped armrests with curved support surface (350 x 120 mm) are independently adjustable, height-adjustable and can be moved all around thanks to the ball joint.

Two seating systems to choose from

You have a choice of two seating systems that support a correct sitting posture and provide lasting relief for your back:
The Comfort seating system with mechanical individual adjustment functions enables the surgeon to maintain a working posture that is easy on the back thanks to its shape. In addition, a passive lumbar support provides relief for the spine. The Comfort seat is recommended when the surgeon is seated sideways to the operating field.
Thanks to its active lumbar support with height and angle adjustment, the innovative Dynamic seating system sustainably promotes a healthy lumbar region. The surgeon’s body weight “automatically” activates the lumbar support and ensures a sitting posture that is gentle on the back. The strength of the ergonomic support is adjusted under the seat.

Foot pedal for height adjustment

The foot switch for seat height adjustment integrated in the surgeon  chair moves the seat together with the armrests to the desired height.

Chassis with double castors

The slim, space-saving chassis creates generous space conditions in the foot area for the surgeon. Five smooth-running double castors and the special design of the chassis ensure optimum weight distribution and excellent driving characteristics. The additional fifth castor ensures maximum tilt stability.

Central brake

The central brake, which acts on four wheels, can be operated intuitively thanks to the color coding and ensures maximum safety on the one hand and a high degree of stability in everyday operating rooms on the other.

Accumulator box

The mains-independent accumulator box with emergency stop button enables safe and flexible operation.

Additional features of the surgiTrend surgeon chair

Service-friendly access for easy cleaning and maintenance

Optional: Armrests with linear guide and one-hand release

For a team of one to three operators, we recommend the surgiTrend with one-hand armrest and linear guide. This can be quickly and easily adapted to individual requirements in the event of frequent user changes.

The backup battery box of the surgeon chair can be installed on the 500 XLS, 500 XLE and 500 XLE comfort treatment chairs

Optional with foot control plate



Backup battery

Back-up system, additional safety due to exchangeable battery drawer

Footswitch plate

480 x 715 mm, height 53 mm

Armrest pair with linear guide

and one-hand release,

Armrest pair

with one-hand release,

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Upholstery in custom colors

Our color cards

In the standard version of the surgiTrend operating chair, the Dynamic seat (Item No. 30370021) and the Comfort seat (Item No. 30370235) are available in black. Individualize the upholstery of your products and match the color to your working environment. To do so, select a color from one of the color cards.


The colors displayed on your device may differ slightly from the original colors. You can request original color cards at For more information on the product specifications of the respective upholstery, please refer to the downloads at the bottom of the page as a PDF file.

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