Mobile instrument table


The reliable instrument table with handy height adjustment

Fully organized surgical instrument table

Basic model with convenient height adjustment

The mobile supportLine instrument table serves as your intelligent assistant in the operating room. The high-quality stainless steel tray provides ample space for treatment instruments and is easily cleaned. With its effortless maneuverability, height adjustment, and special tilt stability, the supportLine stands out as a versatile, ergonomic, and reliable instrument table, meeting the most rigorous demands.

Push handle

The push handle integrated into the top frame ensures easy positioning.

Instrument tray

The removable, heat-resistant, high-quality stainless steel tray is easily cleanable and disinfectable. With a spacious surface area measuring 65 x 53 cm, it provides ample room for surgical instruments.

Height adjustment via foot pedal

The integrated pneumatic spring technology ensures a smooth, precise stop and positioning of the instrument tray at the practitioner’s preferred working height, ranging from 73 to 100 cm. The variable and sterile height adjustment is easily controlled with the foot pedal.

Stable chassis with four maneuverable double castor wheels

The enhanced product base features four electrically conductive double castor wheels, each with a 52 mm diameter, including two with brakes, ensuring heightened safety in the operating room. Moreover, the chassis offers a standing surface of 68 x 40 cm and a total weight of 17.5 kg, to provide exceptional tilt stability.

Additional features of the supportLine

Due to its low base and U-shaped clearance, the instrument table effortlessly slides beneath various treatment chairs, ensuring optimal access to medical instruments

The instrument table has a load capacity of up to 10 kg

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