Our basic model

400 XL

The deliberately technology-reduced treatment table for surgical procedures in the head area

Our entry model for your outpatient OR

The reliable treatment table
with proven technology

With its special stability, freedom of movement, easy maneuverability and durability, coupled with its low acquisition costs, the treatment table 400 XL from UFSK-International OSYS is the optimal basic model for surgical procedures in the head area. The hydraulic surgical table is based on robust technology that is easy and intuitive to operate. In contrast to our electromotive models, it is independent of batteries in its function and requires particularly little maintenance. At the same time, the wide and comfortable padding ensures high patient comfort.

Large double castors, central foot brake and “Steering Guide” maneuvering aid

The large double castors with a diameter of 150 mm and the central foot brake acting on four wheels enable your OR staff to maneuver easily by one person, even in confined spaces. Thanks to the directional wheel, which is adjusted via the foot lever, the mobile operating table can be pushed effortlessly.

Ergonomic pushing handles

The foot-sided push handles lie comfortably in the hand and thus ensure a pleasant pushing feeling.

Robust chassis with four double castors

The sturdy, powder-coated steel chassis with four centrally braked swivel casters and one directional swivel caster combines high stability and easy maneuverability.

Standard rail for components

The standard rail system allows easy and quick attachment of additional components.

Flexible movable

The 400 XL treatment table can be rotated 360° and can therefore also be moved crosswise.

3D and longitudinally adjustable headrest

The 3D and longitudinally adjustable head section with tilt and height adjustment, trough and neck support guarantees safe and correct positioning of the head.

Hydraulically adjustable

Soft and stable hydraulics with foot lever for easy adjustment of head, back, shock (Trendelenburg) and total height.

Comfortable padding

700 mm wide lying surface, with a length of 1930 to 2060 mm, which is also suitable for very large patients.

Particularly high load capacity

The treatment table is designed for a maximum load of 175 kg.

Further features of the treatment table 400 XL

Durable, easy-to-use hydraulics and robust chassis for extra long service life

The comfortable support surface allows the patient to lie down comfortably

Sturdy top frame with standard rail and steel chassis for maximum robustness and durability

Three-part support surface with low entry height


400 XL

Anesthesia arm board

with universal joint, including mounting clamp

Mounting clamp

stainless steel, for mounting on norm rail

Head part bumper

stainless steel

Wrist rest

550 x 370 mm, height adjustable,
including mounting plate 3013 0000,
adjustment height 115 mm

Wrist rest

including mounting plate 3013 0000,
adjustment height 115 mm

Wrist rest

adjustable, tiltable,
including mounting plate 3013 0000,
adjustment height 115 mm

Mounting plate

stainless steel, attachment to the head part
for the wrist rest 3014 0000, 3014 0005 and 3209 0000

Head fixation pillow

with hollow (rubins pillow), 410 x 250 mm, height 100 mm, factory-fitted

Side parts right and left

580 x 200 mm, including quick-release clamp for mounting on norm rail

Knee half roll

600 x 280 x 140 mm,

Knee roll round

500 x 150 mm,

Wrist secure straps

pair, with velcro straps

Body strap

with velcro straps, 2-piece

Body strap silicone

including clamp, for attachment to norm rail

Flexible surgical drape support rod with air connection

(mounting clamp 3090 0000 not included)

Flexible surgical drape support rod

(mounting clamp 3090 0000 not included)

Mounting clamp

Polished aluminium, with quick clamp lever for norm rail 25 x 10 mm, including locking device

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Hygiene product

stayClean kick bucket

Kick bucket, capacity 12l, circular base and bucket with handle made of chrome-nickel steel, 4 double castors (2x electrically conductive) ø 50 mm,
impact protection made of PVC,
ø 460 x 410 mm

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Medical product


Instrument table,
height adjustable 730 – 1,000 mm,
electrically conductive double castors, brakable,
with removable stainless steel tray,
tray size 650 x 530 mm

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Upholstery in special colors

Our color cards

In the standard version, the treatment table 400 XL is available in anthracite (Item No. 30370052). Individualize the upholstery of your products and match the color to your working environment. To do so, select a color from one of the color cards.


The colors displayed on your device may differ slightly from the original colors. You can request original color cards at info@ufsk-osys.com. For more information on the product specifications of the respective upholstery, please refer to the downloads at the bottom of the page as a PDF file.

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