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Treatment chairs
and treatment tables

Better ergonomics and efficiency
in your outpatient OR

Safe, efficient and ergonomic

Versatile treatment chairs in first-class quality

Private practice, hospital or clinic – the innovative treatment chairs from UFSK-International OSYS offer your medical staff the greatest possible safety, ergonomics and complete freedom in their daily operating routine. The versatile treatment chairs meet all requirements of global healthcare, can be easily and quickly moved into the desired surgical positions and guarantee a high patient throughput.

Treatment chairs from UFSK-international OSYS

Optimize your OR management

With medical treatment chairs from UFSK-International OSYS, the workflows in your OR can be optimized to a perfect fit. With their design and technical finesse, our operating room chairs and tables, developed and manufactured in Germany, provide practical solutions for your specialist applications in the OR – and will do so for several decades.

Optimized workflow through outstanding mobility

Easy maneuverability by one person

Customized adjustment options for different subject areas

Best price-performance ratio

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