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UFSK-OSYS: ProduktphilosophieUFSK-OSYS: ProduktphilosophieUFSK-OSYS: Produktphilosophie
UFSK-OSYS: Produktphilosophie
UFSK-OSYS: Produktphilosophie
UFSK-OSYS: Produktphilosophie


People take center stage in our business philosophy. Our ultimate purpose is to offer optimal sitting solutions for doctors and comfortable recumbence for patients.

A Revolution in Comfort - Human beings are the key component

Our goal is to increase the physical and mental well being of patients and doctors through our innovative designs. Our vision is to bring forth a new, more holistic paradigm in doctor and patient comfort, designed using the best in medicine, ergonomics and technology.

Our trend-setting design concepts are developed and implemented in Regensburg, Germany.  Germany has a tradition of high-quality craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence, particularly in the development of high-tech industrial products.  We continue this tradition through our factory in Regensburg, producing systems and technologies that are vastly superior to conventional industry solutions.  Our close collaboration with medical industry experts and distributors gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.  Through the cooperation, input and suggestions of our end users, we have been able to consistently optimize and refine the development of our products.

Know-how and precision

"Our products are engineered for the most brilliant machine ever designed - the human body."

Jürgen Scherrieble, CEO:

"We manufacture surgical chairs and tables specifically for surgeons by offering the right blend of high quality and great comfort at a reasonable cost."