500 XLE comfort

Treatment chair for eye surgery

The 500 XLE model with the plus
in comfort and flexibility

UFSK-OSYS Behandlungsstuhl 500 XLE comfort performanceLine

Our classic with extra-thick padding

Do you want to offer your patients maximum lying comfort even during longer operations? With the 500 XLE comfort model, you benefit from all the advantages of the maneuverable and powerful 500 XLE and, with the additional padding, integrated knee roll and flattened neck area, enable your patients to enjoy pleasant and comfortable treatment – even during procedures lasting several hours.


500 XLE

Headrest with ball joint

360° all-round adjustment, factory-fitted

Side parts

(right+left) swiveling incl. locking, 580 x 200 mm

Norm rail seat part

Side parts

(right+left) incl. quick-release clamp for mounting on norm rail (without norm rail 3351 0047), 580 x 200 mm

Backup battery

Extra security thanks to exchangeable battery drawer

Sliding handles

Back part

Additional handles


Padded arm board

with universal joint, with wrist secure straps

Flexible surgical drape support rod

Flexible surgical drape support rod

with air connection

Hand control holder


Hand control holder

for attachment onto an I.V. Pole Ø 25 / 18 mm, PVC

Head part bumper

stainless steel

Wrist rest

incl. mounting plate 3013 0000, adjustable

Wrist rest

incl. mounting plate 3013 0000, adjustable, tiltable

Mounting plate stainless

steel for the wrist rest, 3014 0000

Head fixation pillow

with hollow (rubins pillow), 41 x 25 cm, height 10 cm, upcharge not discountable

Facial pillow

horseshoe-shaped, incl. adapter plate, factory-fitted, upcharge not discountable

Instrument table

50 x 30 x 1.5 cm, height adjustable, swiveling, detachable, incl. adapter

Shoulder parts

right and left

Half round bolster pillow

60 x 28 x 14cm, cushions knees, PUD-coated

Full round bolster pillow

cushions knees, 50 x 15 cm, PUD-coated

Wrist secure straps



with Velcro straps 2-piece

Foot part extension

incl. foot support, factory-fitted, upcharge

Foot protection foil

I.V. Pole stainless steel

Ø 25 / 18 mm, one-hand height-adjustable 1070-1660 mm, 4 hooks, max. 2 kg 84.4 lbs/hook, glass and holder

Monitor arm stainless steel

swiveling, incl. extendible I.V. Pole Ø 25 mm

Accessory mounting

support, stainless steel

Cylinder holder


Instrument table, height adjustable 73-98,5 cm


Instrument table, height adjustable 93-118,5 cm


cover drape for treatment chair, 200 x 73 cm, box á 160 pieces

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