Mobile transport and lounge chair

The all-rounder for safe patient transport and a comfortable resting position

UFSK-OSYS mobiler Transport- und Ruhesessel motionLine
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Regenerate comfortably

User-friendly patient transport chair for maximum patient comfort

Transporting a patient or person in need of care within a hospital, clinic or care facility can quickly become a burden in the hectic daily routine – both for the patient and the caregiver. The motionLine transport and recliner chair from UFSK-OSYS ensures a safe and quick transfer and impresses with comfortably designed extras. In addition, the field-tested functionalities of the motionLine patient transporter enable a resting position individually adapted to the patient’s needs, which can actively contribute to relaxation and an increase in well-being.

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Sitting and lying comfortably

Highest ergonomics for patients and caregivers

The motionLine transport chair grants the patient a comfortable sitting or lying position and can be maneuvered effortlessly by one person thanks to its user-friendly features.

  • Wide and stable overlay with high-quality, easy-care padding for comfortable lying
  • Flexible, height-adjustable bolster and comfortably shaped back cushion with lumbar support for maximum patient comfort
  • Organic Tilting: Newly developed seat tilt that prevents patient slippage and chafing
  • 2 large casters at the foot end, 2 smaller 360° swivel dual casters at the head end, and comfortable and resilient push handles for easy and effortless pushing by one person
  • Infinitely variable back, foot and seat adjustment by gas spring with foot release for effortless patient positioning as required (shock position possible)
UFSK-OSYS mobiler Transport- und Ruhesessel motionLine

Robust and versatile

Reliable and stable patient transporter with smart extras

No matter how varied the needs and impairments of patients may be – the motionLine patient transport chair can always be relied on thanks to its special robustness. Clever extras round off the practical equipment.

  • Stable design steel frame for maximum patient weight up to 135 kg
  • Two brake levers to lock the rollers for a stable stand
  • Integrated hanging basket positioned under the seat for convenient storage of patient belongings



Foot protection foil

Instrument table

30x20x1.3 cm, incl. arm, adapter and sleeve

Adapter for I.V. Pole

I.V. Pole

stainless steel Ø 25 / 18 mm, one-hand height-adjustable 1070 x 1660 mm, 4 hooks, max 2 kg 84.4 lbs/hook, glass and holder

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