Surgical Tables & OR-Chairs

For elite international doctors, our tables and chairs combined with mobile table rotation set the industry standard for quality.

Surgeon Stools and Assistant Stools

Ergonomically contoured and superbly supportive, our chairs and stools promote wellness and enhance the longevity of your spinal health.

Patient Transportation Lounger

Inspired by the idea that no compromise should be made when providing comfort and safety for patients after a long day of surgery.

Welcome to the Future

Unlock a new dimension of possibilities with UFSK-OSYS and Mobile Table Rotation.

Maximize surgical efficiency while providing your patients with the very best in ergonomic comfort and support.  Increase patient throughput and decrease non-operative time by utilizing our Mobile Table Rotation system.

Learn more about our mobile surgical chairs, tables and stools, and discover for yourself the advantages that only state-of-the-art design can provide.

Prepare – Operate – Recover – On One Chair