Designed for maximum weight bearing

500 bariatric

Our highly stable treatment chair with extra-wide lying surface and 350 kg maximum weight bearing capacity

Maximum power and comfort for heavy weight patients

The powerful and particularly robust
treatment chair for your outpatient surgery

The 500 bariatric treatment chair from UFSK-International OSYS is a real power pack: Its stable steel frame and heavy-duty steel chassis can withstand loads of up to 350 kg – at the same time, the treatment chair can be pushed easily and back-friendly thanks to its excellent driving characteristics. With its sophisticated technology, user-friendliness and ergonomics, the 500 bariatric creates pleasant working conditions in your outpatient OR and enables time- and cost-efficient surgery according to the rotation principle.

Robust steel chassis for maximum weight bearing

Load-bearing heavy-duty steel chassis with four fully rotating double castors (150 mm diameter) for high stability and excellent driving characteristics.

Extra-wide lying surface and practical push handles

With its 760 mm wide and robust four-part lying surface, the powder-coated upper frame offers optimum comfort even for heavy patients and can also be moved flat to make it easier for your OR staff to transfer patients. The push handles on the head and foot sides also allow the treatment chair to be pushed easily and without damaging the back.

Mechanical directional “steering guide” and braking system

Thanks to the “Steering Guide” mechanical maneuvering aid with simple operation via manually adjustable foot levers on the chassis, the treatment chair can be moved precisely and safely through your premises. With the aid of the braking system, the treatment chair remains safely in the desired position.

Effortless patient entry

The low entry height and the folding and removable armrests make it particularly ergonomic for patients to get in and out of the treatment chair  and increase safety when transferring patients.

Easy operation by hand

The manual keypad with three programmable memory positions and a reset button allows the surgeon to position the patient effortlessly and without the need for personnel.

3D and longitudinally adjustable headrest

The specially designed head section with head fixation cushion guarantees safe and correct positioning of the head and precise access to the patient thanks to the trough and neck support.

Flat construction of the back part

The 500 bariatric treatment chair offers you maximum legroom in the operating room thanks to the flat back section.

Removable foot control

The removable foot control allows the surgeon to reposition the treatment chair intuitively and precisely in a sterile environment. This makes it effortless to adjust the height of the head section as well as the entire treatment chair.

Additional features of the 500 bariatric treatment chair

Stable steel frame, robust steel chassis as well as mono lifting column designed for a maximum weight of up to 350 kg

Particularly durable treatment chair with service-friendly access for easy cleaning and maintenance

High-quality, comfortable and easy-care upholstery that meets the highest hygiene requirements

Mains-independent accumulator box with integrated emergency stop switch for maximum safety

Developed for economical continuous use in rotation (Mobile Table Rotation)

Right and left pull-out accessory mounting system for quick and easy attachment of additional components


500 bariatric

Backup battery

Extra security thanks to exchangeable battery drawer

Head part bumper

stainless steel

Wrist rest

adjustable, tiltable, incl. mounting plate 3013 0000, adjustment 115 mm

Mounting plate

stainless steel for the wrist rest 3014 0000, 3014 0005 and 3209 0000

Wrist rest

adjustable, incl. mounting plate 3013 0000, adjustment 115 mm

Wrist rest

550×370 mm, height adjustable, incl. mounting plate, adjustement 115 mm

Head fixation pillow

with hollow (rubins pillow), 410 x 250 mm, height 100 mm, factory-fitted

Bottle holder

Instrument table

500 x 300 x 15 mm, height adjustable, swiveling, detachable, incl. adapter (component mounting support 3351 1033 not included)

Shoulder parts

right and left

Knee half roll

600 x 280 x 140 mm, PUD-coated

Knee roll round

500 x 150 mm, PUD-coated

Wrist secure straps



with Velcro straps 2-piece

Side rails right and left

swiveling incl. locking, upholstered

Anesthesia arm board

with universal joint, with wrist secure straps

Component arm stainless steel

swiveling, incl. extendible I.V. Pole Ø 25 mm

Component holder

stainless steel

Pushing handles


Cloth spacer

flexible bendable

Cloth spacer

flexible bendable with air connection


Instrument table, height adjustable 730-985 mm

supportLine plus

Instrument table, height adjustable 930-1185 mm

Infusion pole

made of stainless steel Ø 25/18 mm, one-hand height adjustment 1070-1660 mm, 4 hooks, max. 2kg/hook, drip glass with holder

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Upholstery in special colors

Our color cards

The standard version of the 500 bariatric treatment chair is available in anthracite. Individualize the upholstery of your products and match the color to your working environment. To do so, select a color from one of the color cards. The colors displayed on your device may differ slightly from the original colors. You can request original color cards at For more information on the product specifications of the respective upholstery, please refer to the downloads at the bottom of the page as a PDF file.

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