Nourishing hand lotion


Medical skin protection cream for distressed hands

UFSK-OSYS staySoft medizinische Hautschutzcreme

Effective skin soothing and regeneration after frequent hand disinfection

The natural hand lotion staySoft from UFSK-International OSYS gently cares for stressed skin and provides lasting protection against dehydration. Skin-active select herbs combine with fine essential oils and other valuable ingredients to form a particularly rich skin protection cream, which is tailored to the occupational safety of your medical staff.  The pleasantly soft texture of the lotion is easy to spread and absorbs quickly without being greasy.

UFSK-OSYS staySoft pflegende Handlotion

25% concentrated elemental power of fermented herbs

The selected ingredients are composed of 25% high-quality herbal essences, which are produced according to ancient tradition and recipe and gently obtained by natural fermentation in elaborate manufacture. Fine essential oils such as ylang ylang, blood orange, lime and lemon oil give the hand lotion its pleasantly unobtrusive, fresh scent.

  • Chamomile (Chamomilla off.) has a calming effect

  • Calendula (Calendula rec.) is softening irritation

  • Witch hazel (Hamamelis virg.) has a nourishing effect

  • Horsetail (Equisetum arv.) has a firming effect

  • Melissa (Melissa off.) has an invigorating effect

  • Thyme (thyme vulg.) has a stimulating effect

UFSK-OSYS staySoft pflegende Handlotion

Rich oil-in-water based hand protection cream

  • Moisturizing hyaluronic acid

  • Regenerating allantoin

  • Pleasantly nourishing jojoba oil

  • Replenishing shea butter for lasting cell protection

Shelf life
15 months; after opening: 9 months

Germany and Austria

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UFSK-OSYS staySoft medizinische Hautschutzcreme

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